My Services (under construction)

Writing and editing Services

Proofreading and Editing

A basic editing service where I will check for spelling and grammatical errors of a finished copy or manuscript and edit them.

Copy Editing

A more in-depth editing service wherein I’ll be checking sentence structure, word choice, and the like. This will be more of looking into the language of the piece and helping to make it more clear and concise.

Article Writing

A writing service wherein I write an article about a given topic. While I have certain writing styles I am more comfortable with, this can be negotiated. I can also work within needed word counts.

Structural and Content Feedback

I’ll be looking at the overall structure and flow of the piece. We’ll talk about the concepts in the content, which need to be drawn out more, or what needs to be clarified.


A basic review service wherein I’ll go through your product, (from books and articles, to various products and services), and give an honest review on how I feel about it.


A more in-depth review of your product wherein I’ll go into detail on what’s great about it and what could be worked on.

Let’s build something great together.

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