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My Current Writing Work

If you’re interested in knowing about the things I’ve been focusing on, or any projects I’ll be having, you can read though below. Expect updates on my stories, and the novel I’m working on. Any published articles will be announced here too, as well as updates on my beauty blog.

Updates on My Novel

Working on some serious world building. It ain’t easy creating a new world! I’m researching on cities and population and things like that. Lots of fun but also makes my head spin.

Updates on other blogs

I’m starting a new blog! Stay tuned for more news on this ūüôā


Updates on Glimmering Shadows (Beauty Blog)

Moved to a new home and changed my URL to the one above. I currently post every other week on either beauty, fashion or lifestyle.

Updates on My Stories and other Writing

Working on a new paranormal short story, currently stuck and trying to see how to get it flowing again. Considering on expounding on my recently posted fantasy short story. Link to that story here.

Coming Soon!

Nothing here so far.

Other Updates

Nothing here so far.

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