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Welcome to my personal space on the internet.

I’m a 90’s kid of mixed decent (East Asian, Southeast Asian, European), living in the Philippines. I am bilingual, with English as my mother tongue and Filipino as my secondary language. Though I do also know some Japanese since I majored in it, and basic Chinese from 13 years of torture Chinese classes while I was growing up. On the side, I like to watch Youtube and play computer/video games. I also enjoy cooking, photography and I love listening to heavy metal music.

I would say that my affinity for words stems from the fact that I’ve always loved to read. Even as a child, I was happy whenever my dad would read me stories – I didn’t even care if it was the same one every night haha! And as soon as I could, I started reading them by myself. My first non-children’s book was Nancy Drew. A friend gave it to 7 year old me, and I was hooked. By the time I reached my teens, I had collected a good portion of the series. Sadly though, my collection was ruined in a flood in 2009 😦

Nancy Drew is what made me first think of writing my own stories. I wondered how the writer was able to think of all those twists and turns, and how they came up with the brilliant endings. Mystery proved to be a little too hard for my 11 year old brain, but I tried anyway (and it was epic fail I tell you). However, when I turned 13, I discovered the genre what would capture my heart and soul like no other – fantasy.  It started with Deltora Quest, then Harry Potter, The Abhorsen Trilogy, Eragon, and many many more.

Since then, I realized my passion for writing. And not just fantasy stories; I enjoyed writing poetry, songs, articles, essays, etc. And I still do. Though at that time, school put my goal of writing a book on hold (though really, it may have just been me making excuses for not putting in the work), but the dream remained in my heart.

After high school, I majored in a pre-law course that was supposed to have me land in either a government office, or a teaching job – assuming I didn’t pursue law. To be honest though, as much as I enjoyed the course, I knew it wasn’t something I could excel in. From then I’ve worked full-time jobs completely unrelated to my course, and this hidden passion. I claimed I was trying to “find myself” and my calling. Perhaps all this time I was denying and running away from it.

It was while I was working at my first job that I decided to create a blog. Since I enjoy playing with make up and putting outfits together, I made a beauty/fashion (and lifestyle) blog. Glimmering Shadows is still running now and can be found here. In time, I realized that writing is what truly made me happy. And so, here I am. And I’ve made this site to establish my presence online as I’ve started writing again and have been slowly fine tuning the details of the world that’s been living in my head for years. I definitely plan to publish books in the future. I’m so excited to finally start on something I should have started ages ago. I hope you’ll support me on this journey.

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